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Field Report

Shift leader

Galya, Shift Leader at LEONI Bulgaria, grew through various positions to her current role.


My story at LEONI

I am Galya, shift leader in one of the production segments in LEONI Bulgaria. I joined the plant soon after it was inaugurated. Therefore it would be safe to say that we have been growing together. I have consequently been on several positions before reaching the current one: shift leader. 

Years after me joining the company, I am proud of my decision to be part of LEONI Bulgaria.

This is my job

Each day in LEONI is unique in its own way. There could not be a universal formula about its proceeding though. Many coordinated efforts from the side of human factor – all team members, shift leaders, segment leaders, quality, HR and Engineering colleagues all are there behind the successful completion of a shift. 

My Highlights

The opportunity to benefit the best from some of the best experts in this area, and on international level, is an advantage which I value much. 

My view of LEONI as an employer

I also appreciate the collaboration, result orientation and respect which is expected by everyone from anyone in the plant. Success is never matter of an individual chance rather shared and single-eyed efforts. 

LEONI in three words? Experience, coordination, discipline.

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