Work at 40+? With adequate training, it is not impossible – even in the production

Professional development within a different area at 40+ is oftentimes treated skeptically by both employers and potential employees. It is, in view of the working age population’s aging trend, a prejudice that deserves to be carefully revised, HR experts in the Pleven-based plant of LEONI, one of the largest industrial employers in North Bulgaria, state.

Average age in the nearby Lovech region has increased to around 47 years and the conclusion is that population aging leads to certain changes in its age structure below, within and above working age, National Statistics Institute’s data shows. «However, our observations are showing that professional start in a plant of LEONI’s capacity  is possible to both students aged 16+ and to potential colleagues with years in a different working experience”, HR team explains. A fully equipped Training centre is available at LEONI whereas each new employee is entitled to a relevant induction training. Thus, following successfully passed test which ascertains that the applicant is detail oriented and precise, they are able to join the team and to get trained to their future tasks. “Experience and relevant education are always an advantage. However, those do not exhaust the conditions that make an application a matching one the LEONI production. Qualities such as team play, loyaltu and the interest in long term development in the plant do matter too”, the Recruitment team explain.

It is a purpose ahead of LEONI Bulgaria to reach full production capacity and to gradually provide a 2 000 strong employment to people in Pleven and the region.  „We welcome the interest in working here for both youngsters with zero experience who would like to start earning it here, and for applicants with long term background in various professional areas. Individual qualities and success orientation are prevailing in both cases"” LEONI recruiters say.

Social benefits include a bonus system, food vouchers and company transport to employees in Pleven and 100 venues in the region. The working environment is standardized, air conditioned and clean.