LEONI Bulgaria to join career events in Gabrovo and Ruse

The relative stake of people aged 15-29 who are neither employed nor studying, is 15%, a National Institute of Statistic’s data shows. 23 years is the average age of most effective and intense adoption of specific knowledge, skills and professional qualities in automobile sector, show the observations of Training centre experts at LEONI in Pleven.

New knowledge and skills including preciseness, labour discipline and sustainability are most rapidly developed in the age corresponding to this worrisome statistics. Professional skills keep developing at a later stage however they need this initial ground, HR team in LEONI Bulgaria clarifies.

The company is one of the largest industrial employers in North Bulgaria. Reaching full production capacity of the German wire systems producer located in Pleven is planned to take place this year. Relevant production employees attraction is focused on Pleven and the region.

 We have traditions in dual form of education, we also offer support to colleagues who tend to pursue university education if the area suits our production specifics. Vesislava Vulcheva, is among them.  A soon-to-be graduate in Industrial Management at the Technical University in Ruse, she is determined to pursue Master degree while continuing to work.  “It’s indeed a huge challenge to combine work and study all in one while tending to be successful in both. My colleagues encouraged me to. Continuous personal development pays back!”, she states.

Direct contact is of utmost importance

Two of the career events to be attended by LEONI HR this spring are  National Career Days 2023 in Technical University – Gabrovo and in the Ruse University.  Recruitment specialists in the plant comment: “The direct contact with potential colleagues in the very start of their professional development is precious source of information about the future experts we’d be happy to attract into our plant.”

LEONI started its activities in Bulgaria back in 2018. The well established contact with rest of LEONI companies worldwide enhances professional collaboration among local employees with their colleagues in LEONI Group worldwide.