LEONI Bulgaria in partnership within social responsibility area

Five years following its set up, LEONI Bulgaria remains in focus on the development of local organizations and institutions in business, education and social activities. The company accepted the partnership invitation from the National Association for Social Responsibility.

Leoni is among the large industrial employers in North Bulgaria.  Social integrity plays pivotal role in its strategy  aimed at developing an inclusive environment for employees in a very extensive range of skills and experience. “All new appointees undergo induction preparation which is taken care of by the experts in our Training centre. People with disabilities amount to some 4% of the staff. And the staff is by 100%  offered equal opportunities for full scale development of their potential, subject to their personal goals and ambitions.

Disabilities are stereotype which should be fully reconsidered in 21 century, LEONI Bulgaria’s Recruitment team states.  An employer could, by providing adequate consecutive support and due realization opportunities, offer smooth induction to a variety of talents – including on the production site. SHE care is priority in the production process planning and conduction at the Pleven based provider of harnesses to one of the global leading automobile brands.

LEONI Bulgaria does, by the partnership to the Association, state like-mindedness   to an organization with over 20 years of experience in the work on innovative projects for national and European partnership in social services.

Plant manager Andrey Kossoukhov comments: “We were pleased to accept the NASO invitation as shared care is one of the values we stand for. Our business goals are related to high quality and efficient production. We are proud to have united around them employees from the entire region and with various skills and experience.”