LEONI Bulgaria hosted visitors from professional high schools

LEONI Bulgaria hosted a one day visit of young people from high schools in Pleven. The future graduates from the Mechanical school and the Chemistry and Electronics school toured the plant headquartered at 30 000 sq m.

They were briefed about  the major steps in wire installations productionin automotive. Interest was earned by the explanation about processes of preparation, cutting, assembling and test of the ready product. „Invisible yet very important part of the future car, each installation produced here, has an important role to play for the safety and comfort in driving"“ plant management commented.

Neary 5 years after its inauguration, the plant is now among the largest industrial employers in North Bulgaria. Long lasting prior experience is not mandatory to many of the positions here as the company provides induction training to all new commers.

Alexander who is already combining work in the plant with university preparation is commenting: „I face real practical tasks here. I can be useful while able to continuously learn new things”.