LEONI Bulgaria gifted books to the Clinic of Nephrology

Some classic books by renown Bulgarian and foreign authors including Elin Pelin, Chudomir, Aleko Konstantinov, Yordan Radichkov, John Grisham, Agatha Christie and Branislav Nushic were brought by LEONI Bulgaria to the Nephrology and Dialysis Clinics in Pleven.

The idea had arisen spontaneously in the eve of the World Day of Kidney which is traditionally marked in the first month of the spring; and purpose is to enable people undergoing hemodialysis procedures to read until procedures are run, should they wish to. The books were handled to prof. Dr. Vassil Todorov, head of the clinics.
Plant manager Andrey Kosoukhov commented on the idea: “I think tht small gestures of empathy and respect are important not only in our work but in our daily life. Books could be precious friends in may life circumstances and wisdom they bring often survives the test of time”.