Dozens of kilometers of harnesses in 3 years , is this doable? Everything is in support in the homeland!

Unemployed Bulgarians due to completion of temporary or seasonal job count 40K in 2022, National Statistic Institute reports.

Reintegration of experts of this profile offers a realistic opportunity for our business to respond to the challenges in identifying and sustainably attracting appropriate applicants, LEONI Bulgaria HR explain.

The plant is among the largest industrial employers in North Bulgaria planning to reach full production capacity 5 years following the first dig.

Those willing to try their skills, would pass preliminary test which would almost immediately provide information about their potential on the desired production job opening. The very production process requires specific induction training which varies from one to several months since joining. Although the working environment is clean, standardized and fully air conditioned and work is relatively swift to get into, it still requires adaptability, agility, vigor and detail orientation.  A significant part of the approved candidates would feel too early that their adaption to the particular job or the shifts schedule takes too long, Training centre reverts. It is not rare for some of them to give up in similar situations, let alone if no prior experience is there.   Our advice is: “Automotive area always requires preciseness, observation and team skills and time. Allow yourself enough time!”

Important decisions take time 

Dozens of kilometers of harnesses have passed through Svetozara’s eyes and hands in the 3 years since she joined LEONI. Svetozara is  a young woman from Dolni Dabnik. She had been working in Cypress for 8 years prior to making a decision to finally return to her homeland and to stay. It took her just a month to join LEONI’s plant in Pleven. She decided to stay because of her close ones and because of her job which goes with responsibilities and requires preciseness and devotion.

„My position of a cables installer at the Special processes segment requires from me to be responsive where help is required. Installations produced by us are passing several controlling checkpoints so that we are comfortable that no discrepancies are there. Should we anyway detect some, we join the process of their rehabilitation”, Svetozara explains.

She is right to keep with the meaning her colleagues’ and her work has in the entire production process preceding the vivification of a vehicle. Harnesses are not just a part in a future car. They are human’s life and not just one. “It is important for us to contribute to the safety of a vehicle, its owners and pedestrians, too”, she says.

“Abroad is not for all”

Svetozara has managed to learn the foreign language and to gradually adjust to the warm climate and her outdoor work. She’s been involved in potatoes and oranges harvesting – “tough money” in her words – “Whoever said so, they have experienced it on their own”. She is now convinced in the course of time that being abroad is not meant for all. It is so mainly due to the illusion that this would offer a firm life restart. Being far away from the close ones appears to be the toughest on holidays such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays and family gatherings.

Her mother is the one to convince her to return. Svetozara came to know from her mother about LEONI Bulgaria. Soon after one year since the first dig, the plant was at the time already supplying to one of the large automobile producers. It was to develop a large network of local partners. LEONI Bulgaria has even then given the ambitious claim to be providing work to over 2 000 people in Pleven and the region.

Three years now since having passed the LEONI door for the first time (years coinciding to the pandemic challenges faced by the plant), Svetozara is an experienced and confident employee. She admits that her son is her biggest achievement. The young man has graduated and joined LEONI too. His mother proudly relies on his support. How does she imagine the future? “As a mother, I always want the best and here, at home!”

If she was able to pick her own or her son\’s birthplace, it would again be here only.

Svetozara is convinced that she likes here job and the fact that growth opportunities are there; as for plant’s success, it is in mainly in the hands of people in it as well as their quality results and efficiency.

“I wish Svetozara, the entire team and all considering an eventual career in a plant, enough time to assess all pluses and challenges about such a decision. I wish pluses to always prevail”, Lyubomir Vatev, Special processes segment leader in LEONI Bulgaria comments.