Andrey Kosoukhov before Bloomberg TV: “A Lot Depends on Our Performance”

Plant Manager Andrey Kosoukhov was guest to the “Club Investor” studio hosted by anchorman Ivaylo Lakov at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

“Compared to the to the last year we have had two times of increase in production volumes and I am proud to say that this is specifically for LEONI Bulgaria”, Mr. Kosoukhov stressed on.

He added that the plant has demonstrated reliability and growth.

More accents

  • Which the topical matters at LEONI Bulgaria have been in the context of industry transaction;
  • How the German wire systems producer in Pleven copes with common challenges in supply chains;
  • Why company’s hiring strategy has surpassed the host city by offering employment opportunities to people in the entire North Bulgaria region;
  • Why well trained local teams are indeed strategically important to the plant;
  • Why “localization” is among the key ambitions before the company.

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