A Woman in Wiring System Plant? Nothing More Usual than that in Pleven!

Less than 48 months following first dig LEONI Bulgaria team has grown 15 times to the current 1 600 people. Women prevail in number as part of them are in the company since the very beginning. Their stories are similar and differ while there is one thing in common: the phrase “This plant is like my child, I’m by its side since its first steps”. All efforts and small gains behind this phrase do, too.

Radoslava is in the plant for three years now. Galya is here for almost 4 years. Both came to learn about it almost occasionally.  Radoslava had learnt that job openings campaign was ongoing for a local wiring systems plant in the mayoralty and decided to make a try. She coped with the tests and came to know almost immediately that she was approved. She joined as an operator while today she’s a trainer who educates and supports colleagues at the production lines. Radoslava is attracted by the “tough installations” – “Because this is just like puzzle to me. It makes one think during working process. It’s nothing about boring or burdening work. I literally feel at home here.”

Radoslava has managed to get into the “soul” of all installations and she’s confident she can cope with the work at all lines. She admits she sees her work in her dreams and loves her job as it makes her feel useful and confident.  “A woman in a plant, yes”, she comfortably describes herself. What is most important about being successful according to her? – “It’s about knowing the work. Knowing the right approach to people. It's of greatest importance to me that the colleagues I train would be doing their stuff the way they should. This is my satisfaction then, too”. People’s characters state her biggest challenge. As well as picking the right moment to make one overrun themselves.  Or to effectively react to a miss noticed. Trainer’s work is, in her words, about being vigilant and knowing by 100% as every operator’s work is, too.   Radoslava is firm: challenges are many however satisfaction is not late. What does the woman-from-the-plant dreams about when outside the plant? It appears that she still sees herself here only, 10 years ahead. She can imagine her three daughters, happily graduated. Two of them have been here in the plant over the vacation. Radoslava is proud: her eldest one is in the university. She believes that their stay at the plant has been a useful experience to both. “It will help them get used with caring about results and taking responsibilities”.

Knowledge in central role

Galya, master in International Economic Relations, too, speaks about knowledge and its central role in LEONI. She was initially told about the plant by ex colleague and she joined it shortly after the first dig took place. Galya initially undertook the charge of the incoming control and today she’s a leader. She proudly explains that her prior experience as Sales Director has equipped her with competence and confidence in incoming components inspection which end product quality depends on. Knowledge about the overall arrangement of supplies, registering and dispatching orders are specific and for Galya they are now a matter of routine. She truly appreciates her skills in solving arguments with no loser sides. She’s proud of the team she works with – because “All of us have put a lot of efforts in building and developing a working systems which complies withy standards and requirements”, she explains.

What does it take to be a quality player on this position? “Analytical thinking, care, candidness and pragmatism are required and of course, being a team player!”, Galya states.