4 years following the first dig: LEONI Bulgaria with employees from the entire region

4 years since the first dig of the LEONI Bulgaria plant in Bulgaria, it is now a wiring systems supplier to one of the large automobile producers and it develops a large scale network of local counteragents.

The company is among the largest industrial employers in North Bulgaria. Management strategy involves sustainable HR growth and development measures. Staff has grown in number almost15 times up to around 1 700 persons at present. Reaching full production capacity is aimed at by 2023 with the plant gradually providing job to 2 000 people from Pleven and the region.

Complex measures for appropriate staff’s attraction and retaining are normally there in such an impressive figure. All employees are entitled to on board training  at a fully equipped Training centre environment closed to the real one at the production site. Knowledge and skills improvement is continuous process which we tend to enhance in partnerships with local high schools and renown universities in the country including the ones in Ruse and Gabrovo.  We support employees with achieved results in their endevaour to pursue next education level. Social benefits include the classic bonus system and referral bonus and they also offer inclusion in various team events aimed at its natural bond. „This integration is explicitly important considering the specifics of the working process organization with us – it provides shifts mode and colleagues need to know each other so as to be able to collaborate fully”, says Galina Toncheva, Head of HR at the plant since the very first days of employed hired here. The safe, standardized and air conditioned working environment with transport provided to the working places for staff from Pleven and a 50km + area around the city is subject to proportional investments – they surpassed BGN 50 mln.

A H2 of proven connections to increasingly matter

This is the management expectations resume for H2. Particular steps are discussed so as to help optimize resources use where possible . This refers to the LEONI sustainability program of ‘ReWire’ . Its lasting care is climate neutrality and efficient approach to resources and, as far as social aspect is concerned – good working conditions in LEONI plants – in Bulgaria and in the rest of 27 countries.

Pandemicfactorwhichgetshandled in the course of practice  

COVID 19 is a challenge in a team of scales such as the one in LEONI Bulgaria. Particular prevention and protection measures were undertaken back in the first weeks of the pandemic so as to keep health a priority matter and let production process keep going adequately. “We follow and comply with the ongoing epidemic measures and are prepared to handle it again”, HR comment.