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    our greatest value



  • Vesislava Valcheva (Segment Leader)


    "We can"



    "Leoni occupies a huge part of my life because the company gives me a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm, emotions and opportunities for development. My motto is "We can" because we work in a team and the most important thing for a team is to be cohesive. I am always honest with my colleagues as this is a great way to understand each other and achieve exceptional results together!"


  • Nikol Todorova (Team Leader Warehouse Management Bulgaria)

    "Teamwork drives great results"


    "The results achieved are a good motivation to set our future goals. Teamwork is a driving force in any company. My motivation is the pleasure of the results achieved by my team. Respect for the work and experience of the other makes a team cohesive and successful. Together we build our future!"

  • Tanya Tsvetkova (Lead Specialist Liquidity Management)

    "Prior to joining LEONI Bulgaria, I was unable to suggest what a working day here would be like as I was about to completely transform my professional area. The induction process was flowing and enjoyable."

    "My colleagues in “Finance” department are wonderful. They took care to support me In knowing each and every detail in my tasks which is why I shall always be thankful for. It takes being communicative, responsible and willing to learn new things so as to perform well on this job. The eventful everyday life and the opportunity to work with a wide range of people is the greatest challenge. When joining LEONI Bulgaria, I was extremely constrained and excited. I was constrained because it was a totally new and unknown stuff. I was excited because the team I joined consists of smiling and aspiring people. I can bravely state that I made the right decision. LEONI Bulgaria is giving me the opportunity to be part of a company like no other in the region and to keep developing myself."


  •  Galina Toncheva, Head of HR


    "We are not just business. We are also home to the hundreds people who work for Leoni and a place where everyone can develop their potential and realize their ideas."

    "We are happy to be one of the main drivers to reduce the unemployment rate in the region of Pleven, as more than 1800 people work for Leoni. We are not just global, but we are also proud to be local. We work with local vendors and since its establishment Leoni Bulgaria has generated more than 38 million leva turnover with local companies. By this we have contributed to the economic development of the city of Pleven and the region around."


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